DD Visuals Launch Virtual Reality Service

DD Visuals Launch Virtual Reality Service

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Design Development Ltd have expanded our range of visualisation content by launching a Virtual Reality service.

Behind the scenes over the past couple of months we have been exploring the virtues of expanding on our 3D photo realistic modelling service. The results of translating this into a VR environment are staggering!

The benefits of this service are endless. We can now allow a client to walk around their project and fully experience the spaces created before embarking with any of the expenditure associated with taking a project to site. This also allows us to fine tune the elements of the design that can sometimes be picked up during the course of the build at an earlier stage, reducing the costs associated with remedial work and out of contract cost sums.

We have already presented our new service to a major housebuilder, who have subsequently asked us to provide a VR experience for one of their upcoming sites. News with regard to the progress of this will be posted in due course.

If you would like to know more about how Virtual Reality can work for your project, or request a demonstration, then please do not hesitate to contact us.