Planning approval at Crapstone

Another day, another planning approval!
Permission granted on a reserved matters application for 21 new residential dwellings at Crapstone on the edge of Dartmoor.

The proposed scheme has been designed to be in keeping with the residential character of Crapstone. Proposed dwellings will be a mix of one and two storeys in height and they will have a traditional appearance with pitched roofs. Proposed materials will reflect the predominantly rendered houses in Crapstone with natural slate tiled roofs. Architectural features commonly found in Crapstone, such as bay windows, chimneys, slate hanging tiles and terracotta ridge tiles will be incorporated into the housetypes. The site will therefore reflect local distinctiveness and create a good quality sense of place through the high-quality design of the dwellings and landscape features across the site.


Well done to all involved. A great result!