North Road East Granted on Appeal

On behalf of our client GE Developments, Design Development Ltd are delighted to announce that, following an appeal process, we have recently received planning permission for 39 student apartments at North Road East.

Following a negative outcome at Planning Committee for our scheme on the University campus at North Road East, we submitted a written appeal challenging the decision to refuse.

This appeal was a collaboration between Design Development Ltd, Jaqueline Houslander and PCL Planning.

At the same time we also commenced with a redesign of the scheme, again working closely with the Local Authority Planning Department, taking into account all comments and concerns raised during the planning committee.

The second scheme was then submitted to the planning department following a public consultation process.

As before, our newly designed scheme was recommended for approval but taken to a second planning committee where it was again refused by members.

In the meantime the planning inspectorate ruled in our favour and granted a planning approval for the original scheme as submitted back in July 15, effectively ratifying the Officer’s recommendation.

We are of course very happy that our collaborative approach and hard work has been vindicated, rebuffing the criticism that we received following the initial refusal.

This of course sets a robust precedent for the second scheme.